3 Simple steps are all you need

Even if you have never created website ever before

Step #1

Select from 50+ Ready to use sites

Just choose from 50+ templates in over a dozen hottest niches. Everything is done for you from landing pages to lead generation pages to contact us.

Step #2

Customize with Smoothest Drag & Drop Editor

All you need to add is name of your or your client’s brand, some customizations here and there or customize with smoothest page editor in minutes

Step #3

1-Click Monetization and Profit

Simply add monetization source in 1 click and publish. Start monetizing for yourself or charge clients for one-time fee or recurring monthly fee and keep 100% of the profit

Stunning websites, ready to deploy in seconds

Designed by experienced designers and developers

Create unlimited sites for unlimited clients

Smoothest Drag and Drop Page builder

Rave reviews with successful case studies

All in one management dashbaord

Page/Post templates for easier content updates

Advanced monetization techniques with A-Z training

Complete Video Tutorials and training

See the success stories

Osvaldo V.

Kyle C.

Raj K.

Your Time is important… so you deserve

A System that Gets Results… Predictable Results

We have seen a lot of people struggling daily to start a income stream or want a parallel income stream…. A system that doesn’t let you

  • Not settling for mediocrity
  • Not worrying about monthly bills and expenses
  • Not working day and night for fulfilling someone else’s dreams

And in the digital era, the money is on the table. Every online or mom-n-pop business needs to get online. You don’t need to tell them why they need it, they know it already. But just waiting for the right tool and once they are happy to invest in their business, invest in your idea and service

Whether they are looking for

  • Selling any physical product or service online
  • Generating leads and converting them into more sales
  • Driving traffic from SEO and social media and monetizing the content

The bottom line:

If you or your client needs to stay ahead of the marketing game, you need to have an online presence.

But not everybody’s a design and development whiz. We totally get that. If designing sites and creating such a complete system is a stretch, you’re going to need some help.

Options are…

Option #1

Building the sites using wordpress

Undoubtedly the best CMS for creating and managing websites, that’s why almost one third of all the website in the world runs on WordPress. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. You will still need to

  • Buying a domain
  • Opting for monthly/yearly hostings package
  • Hosting and installing which is sometimes very complicated
  • Purchasing a costly theme or settle for a crappy theme
  • Installing plugins that my sometimes compromise your site’s security
  • Setting up every single post, article, media manually
  • And just wish everything works fine to eternity
Option #2

Going for expensive website solutions

Ok I get it, that is a long process, and I do really love shortcuts. Tell me something that I can use right away and build my site. There are multiple platforms out there but costs and arm and a leg

  • Page builder like Wix, GoDaddy charging $25-150 per month
  • Email marketing platform like Aweber costing $60-100 per month
  • Minimum or no flexibility to customize your sites and handing over your entire business to someone’s hand who can shut down your account any time
Option #3

Hire an Agency of developers and designers

You can outsource all the work and hire a team of trained professions, designers, and developers, but that isn’t cheap at all. Usually a WordPress developer charges $15 per hour for non-complicated work and a single site will cost you around $500 to $1500

And you’re in the best possible hands

Daniel Adetunji here

After spending 5+ successful years in internet marketing and having 25000+ happy customers with us. It was quite clear, every business online or offline needs a website. And not just a site, I believe in a system that is powerful and effortless.

I personally tried almost everything that came my way while learning to build a solid sustainable business online. A lot of “Automated Systems” that wasn’t just working. Automation is great, but it can’t make broken pieces patched together work… After all

“Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”

– Bill Gates

BUT… I knew deep in my heart that unless I can automate what’s working for me and my students, I won’t be able to scale my business up or help other struggling marketers...After weeding out what was inefficient the perfectly tuned system was created...

That’s why we have created a system… that

  • Requires no or minimum marketing experience- That’s why we have removed all the guesswork and created done for you solution that any business would buy instantly
  • Proven and Highly Profitable niches - We have handpicked the hottest niches and are already making money for us and our customers
  • Requires Zero designing and development skills- Whether you are just starting or experienced marketer, no need to learn complicated designing software or messing with codes to create a simple website. Everything is done for you with the latest technology and best-in-the-market resources to make it super simple yet powerful system


Just look at some of the stunning ready to use
website you are getting today

DFY Profits Hub Is What You Need to Lift Your
Business to the Next Level

Super Smooth Drag and Drop Page Editor

You are getting a most flexible drag and drop page editor to customize the templates according to your brand or need. Everything is point and click editable so no hackling with code and get your website ready in minutes

Over 50+ Templates to choose from

We have handpicked the niches and got the design the done by industry professionals. Every theme is different from another so you can create unlimited designs for different clients and sell it for high one time or monthly price. Comes with Pages like

  • Landing Page
  • Lead generation page
  • Portfolio
  • Blog
  • Review pages
  • Related posts
  • Ad Banners

Pre-loaded with High Converting Content

Every site comes with preloaded persuasive and high converting content, ready to deploy in just a few clicks. You will be getting

  • Landing pages with preloaded content
  • Well researched articles for every niche and site
  • Contact us, About Us and legal pages
  • Social media links, footers
  • Optin forms, order forms, Call to actions

Completely Cloud Hosted

No need to buy a monthly or annual hosting package. We have created completely Done-for-you system so everything you create is hosted with us with real time updates with blazing fast loading time

Custom Domain Mapping

Domain is completely optional, but if you want it with your brand and domain, just enter the domain in dashboard and the entire site will be running on your own domain. More professional and brand rich

Simple yet Powerful Dashbaord

Manage all of your websites from a single dashbaord. No different logins and complicated stuff. Find all of your media at one place, install plugins or themes in any site, manage ads for any websites, everything under one intuitive dashboard

A-Z Video Tutorials

Although everything is already done for you but we know you love to make it perfect for you and your brand. That’s why we have recorded video tutorials from selecting a template to changing the brand to adding banners to your site and much more

But wait we are not done yet The best is yet to come

Complete Adsense Monetization Training

Yes you will be getting access to 100+ training videos where we show you every single thing about monetizing your sites. We wanted to make sure that every single website you create is not just sitting but making money for you. Our extensive tutorials cover from

  • Site setup
  • Content curation
  • Facebook Ads
  • Adsense monetization

Unlimited Commercial License

As Bill Gates once rightly said, “If your business is not online, your business will be out of business:”

Every local mom-n-pop business you see needs a website. Anyone who wants to sell his services online, needs a website. Anyone who wants to generate more leads and grow business, needs a website And the freelancers and local agencies are charging them a hefty amount. That’s why we want you to encash this chance and close all of those business for good

With DFY Profits Suite Commercial License, You can use all of the sites, templates, articles for any business and charge them a one time or recurring charges and keep 100% of the profit

Ultra Fast Support

Completely Newbie friendly

Regular Monthly Updates

No Coding or Designing Skills required

Unlimited Licenses

Commercial License

The World’s #1 Cloud Based Landing Page and Website Builder [Pre-Loaded] With Stunning Designs And High Converting Copywriting Packages

No Hosting Required. No Coding, Designing or Copywriting Skills Required

  • No more hiring expensive designers and copywriter
  • No more negotiating the price with them
  • No more sending them reminders of the approaching deadline
  • No more settling for mediocre work
  • No more being held ransom for just trying to run a business

Now it’s time for you to fire your Copywriter
and Designer

Here’s What You’re Getting With FastEye ONLY During This Special Launch Offer

20 DFY FastEye Landing Page Templates

Choose From Pre-Written And Proven To Convert Content

Create Unlimited Sales Pages

Create Unlimited Landing Pages

Unlimited access to FastEye Pages

1 million+ high resolution images

100+ icons

We host your pages at no extra cost

Easy Integrations

Watch the demo here

One Click Software Creates Drop Dead Gorgeous Videos Then Gets You Free Traffic From Them

Creating Videos For Your Marketing & Traffic Made Easy!

  • Effortless Video Creation And Ranking For Unlimited Traffic From Social Media including Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest and many more
  • Ready-To-Use Fully Editable 50 Sleek Video Templates And 300 Frames To Help You Create Spectacular Videos In Seconds
  • Create traffic-driving videos in minutes WITHOUT experience – no prior experience needed
  • 100% cloud-based. Nothing to download or install
  • [Never-seen-before] Link Wheel Technology to get your video top rankings on search listings

ViddyGenie is packed with amazing Video Creations & Video Ranking Features like…

Here’s What You’re Getting With FastEye ONLY During This Special Launch Offer

Create ALL Kinds Of Marketing Videos From a Single Dashboard

Integrated Video Optimization To Help You Rank Better

Automatically Rank ALL Your Marketing Videos With Link Wheel Technology

Automatically Share Your Videos On Top Social Media Sites with 1-Click

Go LIVE with your videos

Simple Drag & Drop Editor

Powerful Cloud-Based Marketing Video Creator

Access to 1000s of Copyright Free Music

Social Sharing Reports For Detailed Analysis

Watch the demo here

Do you have Enough Income Streams Working For You?

You can call your business sustainable if you have enough income streams working for you. Any smart marketer would agree on this.

But the main bottleneck has been the time and speed

The fastest way to make money online is simply filling the gap by selling people they actually need. Be it creating a website for your local plumber or dentist, or setting up a lead generation system or setting up ecom store. If you can create them fast, more profit is on your way

Just setup it once and sell again & again

Once you have setup your sites and portfolio, you don’t need to work day and night on those. You already have the resources that businesses cave for. Setting up one site takes hardly 5-10 mins, and these kind of websites are here to stay when every business wants to be online.

Just imagine if you can just spare 15 mins a day and setup a single website that you can use again and again for multiple clients and keep 100% of the profit, how many income streams you can create. The possibilities are limitless

Alright! This sounds perfect to me

But how much does it cost?

Setting up a single site with all the content, themes and designs with premium
look and proven to convert is not so cheap.

Premium themes and plugins = $100 each
Persuasive and High converting content = $500 for each site
Lead generation and squeeze pages = $250 each
Adsense Monetization Training = Priceless
Monetization Training = Priceless

Your total cost without DFY Profits hub

$6000 + $1000 per month + Time invested

Or Simply go for a Proven and most complete
done-for-you systemt

WARNING: Look, I know One Thing From My Struggles and Successes...

Time is TIME and Money is MONEY....

Your total EXPENSE Without DFY Profits Suite

$6000 + $1000/mo


Lot’s of Time Wasted Without a Proper System That You Can NEVER Claim Back

Or Simply go for a Proven and most complete, Fine Tuned System To Force You To Make Profits At This Unbelievably Low One Time Price!

Take action now and

Get instant access to these limited time bonuses

Fancy Box Poppers

Display your stunning offers and promos, with the attention capturing pop-up boxes. They are super-convenient to use and can be embedded on a blog, website or any webpage.

Create urgency for your offers and make them appear truly captivating so that your site visitors cannot refuse to bypass them.

Simple Social Expandable

With the growth of social media, the use of social media buttons is continuously increasing on most webpages and blogs. Sharing buttons help create a presence on social media platforms as well as providing other benefits for your brand.

Website Pouch Pro

Showing offers on your site with the help of banners is a strategy used by top brands and marketers today. If you’re also looking to avail these benefits, then you can breathe easy. This amazing package will help you easily show or hide any content or banners within your website with just one easy click.

WP Video Attention

With the help of this new powerful and Easy to use WordPress plugin, you can add engaging video as a widget to any corner on your webpage so that you can keep your viewers engaged throughout your entire video while they are exploring the content/other part of your page - So you will never lose the engagement & attention of your viewers

Fancy Box PoaDigital Lock Down Softwareppers

If you are an online marketer, safeguarding your products and services is of topmost concern for you. You may have the best product, but if that’s not secure, your success chances are going down the drain.

WP Simple Geo

If you really want to make money online, having a strategy to deliver your content would be a killer idea to boost your conversion rate. Your content should be relevant to a specific group of people based on geological approach as people will see relevant content on a specific areas or country.

You Need Not Say Even a YES! Now...
A Simple Maybe Will Do!

Because We Are Removing All the Risks and Money Where Our Mouth is By Offering

Let’s Remove All the Risks for you and secure it with

30 Days Money Back Commitment

You can buy with confidence because if you face any technical issue which we don’t resolve for you, just raise a ticket within 30 days and we'll refund you everything, down to the last penny.

Our team has a 99.21% proven record of solving customer problems and helping them through any issues.

Get Instant Access To DFY Profit Suite

Commercial Platinum

50+ DFY Blogs in hottest niches
Super Smooth Drag and Drop Page Editor
Over 50+ Templates to choose from
Pre-loaded with High Converting Content
Completely Cloud Hosted
Custom Domain Mapping
Simple yet Powerful Dashbaord
A-Z Video Tutorials
Complete Adsense Training
Access to Fasteye Pages
Access to ViddyGenie
Exclusive Bonuses
Commercial License
Normal Price - $497/Month

Launch Special - One Time

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DFY Profit Suite

Earlybird Discount Ending in...

The Clock Is Ticking

If you've been struggling to get the attention your ad campaigns, posts, videos that you deserve, Stockily can turn things around for you the moment you invest in it.

Your audience will crave your content and reliably looking out for more of what you share day in, day out.

All because you decided this is the day to invest in this game changing software.
Just do it.

To Your Success,

Daniel Adetunji

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